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Why doQar?

Get Your Brand In Motion Today

Our proprietary algorithm pairs you with car owners who drive in specific geographic locations where you want exposure.

Multi-Market Reach

Our platform allows you to target one or multiple cities, or a specific section of a particular city or cities.

Cost Control

Our technology helps you control your media costs. Parameters are put in place to limit your media costs based on where and when your brand is on the move. You can also define a daily cap of your total media cost per car.

Tracking & Analytics

We provide real-time tracking and powerful analytics to help you manage, refine, and scale your campaign.

Lower Cost per Impression

DoQar has engaged with an independent multinational research firm to calculate the impressions generated per KM using traffic algorithms such as average daily traffic, average load per type of vehicle, and time of day.

Services and Support

Our operations, customer care, and support functions are ready to assist you before, during, and after, your campaign goes live

Traditional Outdoor vs. doQar

Single Range of Impact

Rp 350.000.000 per month (in Jakarta). Directional view: Semanggi to HI traffic circle. One Location. Low Impact. Not very scalable. Total Impressions per month: 6.325.650. Cost per Impression: Rp 55 – 56,-

Wide Range of Impact

Rp 350.000.000 per month (anywhere you want). 255 simply-wrapped cars. Various location. High Impact. Highly scalable. Total Impressions per month: 49.070.262. Cost per Impression: Rp 7 – 8,-

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